These testimonials are not “cherry-picked” – they are typical of all our testimonials. After more than 10,000 clients, Segregation Holding has never had a dissatisfied customer because we’ve never failed to save a client money! Following are excerpts from some of the thousands of letters we’ve received. You may also click on the links to read the entire letters.

As a Wendy’s franchisee we are privy to a constant barrage of information that is supposed to save us money. My experience has been that most times this isn’t the case. However, in this instance I was pleasantly surprised.

Wanted to take the time to thank you . . . Even though we are in a remote location, you took the time to come out personally and evaluate the office to thoroughly conduct the cost segregation study.

I am thrilled to say [I] am getting reimbursed more than 50% of their anticipated refund!

Mr. Hobbs was very easy to work with. He was in and out in a timely manner and didn’t disrupt any patient flow.

When you came back to present the final report and showed that we were actually due over $270,000 for 2013 I was speechless! Your process was so simple. lt's really hard to believe that all we had to do was give you our drawings and some invoices and you were able to get us a huge income tax refund.

The process was easy and painless, and the result of his study was even more thanwhat he initially calculated. Definitely a winner!

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeff Hobbs and his team at SHL. Jeff was dependable, straightforward, honest and very professional. He explained the process and what they could deliver with their services. And they didn't just deliver in my case; they exceeded their initial estimate by almost 50%!!!

The hardest part for me in the beginning was to write him a check. The easiest thing for me to do at the end was to write him a check.

Both in the beginning and after the study was completed you answered all of our questions and made the process much easier to go through.

Had we known we could get the taxes we paid the IRS for the last 3 years back we’d have done this sooner!

We are pleased with the results. Without reservation, I recommend Mr. Hobbs and Segregation Holding LLC if you want to reduce your federal income taxes.

Mr. Hobbs was able to reallocate 5 and 15 year properties in excess of what he had originally projected.

Segregation Holding LLC exceeded their initial benchmark estimate. We are please to recommend them without reservation.

One of my offices had a 1965% return on their fee. Using them [SHL] to correct your depreciation schedules to get money back from the IRS is a no-brainer.

Wow! I am so glad I listened to Mr. Hobbs and my CPA and had the cost segregation study done!

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical initially because I wasn’t so familiar with this type of study. Little did I know I’d be saving so much money!

The process was very smooth and painless on our end. We simply provided Segregation Holdings with all the construction and closing documentation for the building and Jeff Hobbs took it from there.

I was very pleased with the survey Jeff Hobbs did. They were done in 8 weeks and worked seamlessly with my CPA.

He [Jeff Hobbs] was very professional and understanding in how he worked with us. There didn’t seem to be any question to elementary for him to answer as we worked through the decision to engage his services.

In the beginning of our relationship I was somewhat skeptical as to how you could price your work in such a way as to make it feasible for some of my clients who own small leasehold space. I know it works for those who own assets in access of $500,000 but I have many dentists whose offices encompass less than 2,000 square feet with total build-out of $75,000 to $150,000. To my amazement you were able to perform these studies at a price-point that delivered ROls of as much as 1000% or more...absolutely incredible!

I highly recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to maximize their tax savings and at the same time be treated with such respect and kindness.

The segregation study was completed in just a few short weeks. This was probably the easiest part of the entire construction build, and the only part of the construction build that actually did something to put money back in my pocket.

I did not understand why my tax preparer could not accelerate depreciation on my tax return without this study. Due to Mr. Hobbs willingness to educate me on the IRS guidelines. . . I decided to hire Mr. Hobbs to do the cost segregation study on my office.

My one regret is that I did not get this study done at the planning stage, before building.

This was a great business decision for me.

I am writing to thank you for your diligent work and efforts in completing the cost segregation study for Mrs. Dixon's B&B Ranch. Her lack of documents and help made me want to give up on her many times, but you persevered . . . the results produced more than double your original estimate. I know this stems from your diligence in pushing through with a fine-tooth comb to find every available qualifying asset.

I have been so pleased with Mr. Hobbs and the service he provides that I have referred him to my sister (who is a dentist) and my closest friends (dentists, orthodontists, etc.).

Looking back on it, I would gladly pay double what I did to get such a tremendous return.

Bob Bramlett said, “Initially, I wasn’t for certain the study would have an impact; however, I just received my report from specialist, Meredith McNair, and you have more than exceeded my expectations!”

After getting nowhere with his CPA several years ago, Frank Christensen’s recommendation is, “…that if you have commercial property, hire this organization to do a Cost Segregation Study for you. If you ask your CPA about this and they advise you not to do this, get a new CPA. The cost benefit of this is a no brainer.”

James C. Shindler received an initial estimate of $100,000 in tax savings. After the Cost Segregation Study was completed, he had this to say, “After providing very simple information… your team completed their work and provided me with approximately four time the estimated savings.”

Jeff Krantz said, “My only regret is that I did not know of your company and services earlier.”

“This study was well worth the effort, and I recommend the services of Jeff Hobbs and Segregation Holding LLC to anyone in the dental industry.”

“I can tell you this, if you don’t do anything else regarding your property, do this.”