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Taco Bell Pockets $600,000 with Cost Segregation

Posted on January 29, 2014 by Jeff Hobbs

Taco Bell Pockets $600,000 with Cost Segregation using IRS Form 3115.

Taco Bell Store Front

Recently we completed several cost segregation studies for owners of Taco Casa restaurants. They were so ecstatic that they called a friend of theirs, Jim…owner of 6 Taco Bells, in Monroe, Louisiana. Joey shared his success with cost segregation with Jim and he was hooked.

By classifying these assets at Taco Bell according to set IRS guidelines, we are able to increase the tangible personal property and land improvements through reallocation. This reallocation is done using MACRS method of depreciation. When contemporaneous records are available(e.g. invoices, drawings & closing documents or lease agreement), MACRS is required by the IRS.

Taco Bell Food Preparation

Our initial estimate for Jim’s 6 Taco Bells was to accelerate about 25% to 5- & 15-year classification. This would deliver a bit over $300,000 in federal income tax credits. After our number crunching cost segregation process was completed we achieved almost double the reclassification of assets. It amounted to 47% reallocated…that equals over $600,000 in income tax credits. Wow was Jim happy! That is almost enough to pay cash to build a new Taco Bell!

Taco Bell Dining Area

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