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Start the New Year off right…reduce your 2014 Income Taxes Today!

Posted on December 26, 2013 by Jeff Hobbs

xmas1Another Christmas is past, are you ready to start the new year off right and reduce your 2014 income taxes today? As you begin compiling all your-end business details to get ready for the next tax year, the thought of those dreaded income taxes starts to creep into your mind, right? As a commercial property owner, did you know that by having a cost segregation study completed, you will be able to save on your income taxes? Just imagine being able to significantly lower your income taxes as you start the new year. What better way to ring in 2014 than with the knowledge that your income taxes can be significantly reduced. All you need to do is have a cost segregation study done by Segregation Holding.

Cost segregation is not something new. In fact, cost segregation is a proven IRS accepted method of lowering one’s income taxes. Cost segregation works by identifying all assets that qualify for accelerated depreciation. Did you know that by reclassifying certain assets as tangible personal property you can accelerate the depreciation to 5 or 7 years instead of the traditional 39 years? This accelerated depreciation will allow you to keep more of your money. That is not all though as accelerated depreciation can also be applied to land improvements. Land improvements can be depreciated over 15 years instead of the standard 39 years. Here again another cash flow increasing option.

Tangible personal property includes thing such as, but not limited to, carpeting, millwork, cabinetry, dedicated plumbing and electrical. The land improvements include things such as landscaping, parking, sidewalks, or curbs. However, keep in mind that this is just a small list of assets that can qualify for accelerated depreciation. SHL will send an engineer to your site to measure and photograph all assets. The purpose is to identify those assets that are IRS approved for accelerated depreciation. The results that Segregation Holding achieves most always far exceed our clients’ expectations. We take pride in working one on one with our clients to ensure they keep more of their hard earned money.

So, why not start the new year off right with lower income taxes as a result of applying cost segregation? Since we offer a free estimate as well as a guarantee, what do you have to lose? Make 2014 your year and allow us at Segregation Holding to help.

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