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Health Care Clinics and Facilities Can Enjoy Increased Cash Flow with a Cost Segregation Study

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Jeff Hobbs

Health care clinics benefit from a cost segregation study.

As a health care provider if you have purchased, constructed or renovated your building since 1987, you can enjoy an increased cash flow as well as a lower financial tax burden. Wonder how this may be the case? The answer is both simple and complex but the bottom line is that a cost segregation study can yield some significant financial gains such as increased cash flow and a lower income tax burden. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 eliminated the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) and with the elimination of the ITC the depreciation benefit was also substantially lowered. This is how a cost segregation study can help health care clinics in tremendous ways.

healthcare revisedA cost segregation study done by Segregation Holding will identify all assets that may qualify for accelerated depreciation and we will amaze you with the results we deliver for health care clinics. Generally speaking, we help people who own or lease their commercial property reduce their federal income tax burden and even get large federal income tax refunds. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of $10,000 on projects under $500,000 and $15,000 on projects over $500,000. Actual results to date have always exceeded our minimum guarantee, usually by double, triple or more. By maximizing the depreciation, health care clinic owners will increase their cash flow as a result of paying less in federal income taxes. Health care clinics are often eligible to claim accelerated depreciation on previous tax returns and receive huge income tax refunds. Our team of experienced professionals will work hard to allow you to keep more of your money…and why not, you earned it!

According to today’s guidelines set forth by the IRS most health care clinics are depreciated over the course of 39 years. When a cost segregation study is conducted, all tangible personal property, as well as other assets, can qualify for accelerated depreciation healthcare revised2which will be 5-, 7- or 15-years. Many of the land improvements will also be eligible for an accelerated depreciation to 15-years. A few examples of tangible personal property include wall coverings, call systems for nurses, flooring, appliances/cabinetry as well as movable wall partitions. Keep in mind that this is just a short list of personal property and our team will work one on one with you and your staff to ensure you are saving as much money as possible. Some of the land improvements qualifying would be landscaping, parking, sidewalks, curbs, signage, fencing, water collection basins, drainage lines, and much more.

The savings from a cost segregation study are often quite significant. A cost segregation study done by Segregation Holding delivers results every time and often times the results far exceed even our expectations. If your business is profitable then the time is now to have a study done. Simply give us a call today and learn how we can help your business.

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