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Can a Cost Segregation Study Help your Restaurant?

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Jeff Hobbs


Do you own a profitable restaurant and would like to increase your cash flow as well as lower your federal income tax burden? Of course you would, and did you know that a cost segregation study can help you to do just that. Generally speaking a cost segregation study is the process of identifying assets that meet the IRS guidelines for accelerated depreciation in your restaurant. There is no question about it that restaurant owners often face unique challenges and this is especially the case in today’s economy. With consumers spending less, restaurant owners feel the brunt of a tightened economy. A cost segregation study done by Segregation Holding Limited will greatly increase your current cash flow as well as lower your federal income tax burden.

Have you recently renovated your restaurant? Instead of assuming the funding for these much needed renovations, a cost segregation study can help to reallocate those assets and, based on IRS guidelines, many of these assets will qualify for accelerated depreciation. The cost segregation study will help to identify personal property assets depreciation time to 5 or 7 years which will reduce the current tax obligations which in turn can increase the business’s cash flow. Imagine having more money to continue making improvements on your restaurant or to finally take that much needed vacation to Europe? Even though the times are tough a cost segregation study can make a world of a difference for your restaurant whether you have renovated recently or not. As long as your business is in the green, the chances are tremendous that your business will benefit from a cost segregation study.

rest1While the ideal time to have a cost segregation study done is during the planning stages of any new construction or remodeling project, a study done at any time will still yield tremendous results. The reason that the best time to have the analysis done during the planning phase is due to the fact that our team of experts can make recommendations on how the building is constructed as well as using different finishes that will qualify for a shorter depreciation time during the process. Many times once the construction is completed we are unable to reclassify the asset due to how it was completed. However, any time is the perfect time to consider having a cost segregation study done simply because it reduces your income taxes…that is always good!

A cost segregation study will evaluate all your business assets and will do so in a timely manner. Most of the time a cost segregation study can be completed in 60 days or less, with the average time to completion being 45 days. Cost segregation delivers results every time it’s applied by Segregation Holding Limited, so today is the perfect day to request your free quote online.