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Attract New Tenants Through Internet Marketing

Posted on August 24, 2012 by Jeff Hobbs

Attract New Tenants Through Internet Marketing

Attract New Tenants Through Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become an integral way of tailoring marketing campaigns to attract new commercial tenants. You and your potential tenants constantly struggle with time constraints, so anything the saves time becomes a valuable tool. This explains why a good online presence is so important.

The following may help you maximize your online presence and attract new tenants.

Use high-quality photos to present the property in its best light. Business tenants often are dealing with major time constraints. A visual tour posted online can assist with the search process. Not only do you need to present the inpidual unit, but you also need to show the facility and the area that houses the space.

Clearly highlight the benefits of the space for lease. Commercial tenants need a clear, concise description of the property and a list of its key features. Keep it short, simple and very informative.

Use social media to maximize your marketing presence. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites have evolved into marketing tools for all types of businesses. Through them you can rapidly disseminate information to a vast array of people.

Monitor and track the performance of your online presence. There are plenty of statistical tools available to allow you to track the performance of your website. The tools available can also give you insight into whether a particular page is attractive to potential tenants. If page views do not turn into showings and offers, then your marketing programs need to be adjusted.