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How to Attract Foreign Investors to Your Properties

Posted on July 17, 2012 by Jeff Hobbs

– How to Attract Foreign Investors to Your Properties –

How to Attract Foreign Investors to Your Properties

Current U.S. market conditions have attracted the attention of foreign investors, creating an opportunity for commercial property owners to recapture some of the equity in their real estate holdings. The key is to find the proper global venue that will attract foreign investors to your specific commercial property.

Realtors have realized for some time that a web presence is necessary in order to compete in the global real estate market. Sites such as, and give investors all over the world access to vast amounts of information about a wide variety of properties. The more detailed the information, the more likely it will attract qualified foreign investors.

Virtual tours have been widely used in residential markets for years, but these tours can be just as useful for attracting foreign investors to commercial and industrial properties. They give a greater sense of depth and usability in a space that appears one-dimensional in a traditional picture.

Print is still a valuable way to attract investors. Although the high cost of print advertising is seen as a deterrent, the creative placement of ads in trade journals can reach specialized commercial property investors that may be missed with other approaches.

Foreign investors are attracted to the U.S. real estate market by falling prices and the growing inventory of commercial properties. For property owners, this presents an opportunity to create a greater demand for their real estate holdings. Finding ways to attract foreign investors can be a key element in a successful property marketing campaign.

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