Cost Segregation Specialists

If you own commercial real estate and have paid Federal Income Taxes in the past three years, we GUARANTEE we will get you a significant tax credit or refund!*

We are a true forensic tax engineering firm - our highly trained engineers will inspect your commercial property and provide you with a fully-compliant cost segregation report. We do not use computer "rule-of-thumb" estimates that provide less benefit and no protection from IRS audits. The correct and thorough depreciation of commercial buildings can result in large IRS refunds or credits.

  • As IRS-approved tax engineers, we partner with your CPA to ensure you get the maximum benefit for building depreciation. (Schedule a conference call with your CPA here.)
  • Our studies have never been disallowed. We are the only cost segregation firm that includes three years of follow-up studies and audit protection.
  • When we engage you, we guarantee our results. Our clients typically enjoy more than 500% ROI within six months. (Watch our whiteboard video.)
  • We have over 14 years of experience - tens of thousands of studies have returned billions of dollars to our clients. It's your money, why wait?
  • We will provide you with a FREE no-obligation Cost Benefit Report and Preliminary Property Analysis with this special offer - a $495 value!

We work with virtually all sizes of properties - rental houses, leasehold improvements, office buildings, restaurants, retail malls and strip centers, medical facilities, warehouses, manufacturing, apartment buildings, hotels, funeral homes, entertainment venues, automotive dealerships, new construction. Make cost segregation a part of your tax planning.

If you are a CPA or other Tax Professional and want to learn how we can significantly grow your practice, ask about our Strategic Alliance Partnership Program.

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*Typical refund or credit of $80,000 based upon a commercial property with a tax basis of $2 million and a 39% tax bracket. Your results will vary. Guarantee based upon engagement, excludes individual rental properties with a tax basis of less than $200,000. See our engagement for complete details.