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When Do You Recapture MACRS Depreciation?

When Do You Recapture MACRS Depreciation?  This seem to be the “question-du-jour” of late!  MACRS is Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. When a commercial property owner disposes of property that was depreciated using MACRS, any gain on the disposition generally … Continue reading

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Cost segregation delivers income tax refund for theater owner!

Cost segregation delivers income tax refund for small-town theater owner!  Instead of writing a check to the IRS, the owner is cashing one from the IRS! A business owner’s CPA shared the benefits about cost segregation with his client who … Continue reading

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Is Cost Segregation Legitimate?

Cost Segregation is not only legitimate but, in fact, it’s basis for existence is rooted in MACRS, or Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System, the preferred method of depreciation required by the IRS.  Prior to MACRS, however, was ACRS or Accelerated … Continue reading

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