CPA Ecstatic with Cost Segregation Results!

Chandler & Knowles CPA

CPA is ecstatic with cost segregation results for her office!

We have worked with Chandler & Knowles, CPAs, for many years and recently completed a cost segregation study on their corporate offices in Flower Mound, Texas.

After providing the CPAs with our free benchmark estimate, our analysis showed about $20,000 in federal income tax credit. The results of our study provided them with almost $24,000, a 20% increase in benefits…wow! That gave them a 600% return on investment!

Cost segregation is the term coined by the IRS when applying MACRS depreciation to building components. MACRS is an acronym for Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System. This is the method of depreciation all commercial property is supposed to use. However, 95% of commercial real estate is set up on the 39.5 year straight line method. 2015-03-12 13.18.59Why? This is a good question considering the IRS requires MACRS when contemporaneous records are available. 

We are a pure engineering firm that partners with accounting firms. We partner with CPAs and accountants to give their CRE clients huge income tax refunds.

Listen, if a CPA believes in cost segregation enough to apply it to their own building, doesn’t that tell you it’s something you should apply?

For a free estimate of benefits, go to and complete the brief questionnaire. Let the real numbers decide if it makes sense.

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